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The Rules Of Love - No 5°

I love this one. Baca dulu apa yg aku taip balik dari buku the Rules of Love tu. Then aku akan comment. I will bold mana yg aku rasa... touching...

Rule no 5. - Choose someone who makes you laugh.

I nearly put this Rule first, because I think it's the absolutely most important thing of all in a relationship. If you choose your partner for their looks, their status, even the rest of their personality, you could regret it eventually. Anyway, lots of those things can get lost along the way. Even personality traits can change - a confident person can be shattered by an emotional trauma, a patient person can become irritable and fristrated through illness or pain.

But sense of humour will last you long after everything else has gone. When you're both sitting there in your rocking chairs, decades after retirement, and the kids hace long since grown up, it may be all you have left. And if it is, it will be enough.

Laughter is worth the weight in gold. A sense of humour is a very personal thing, and some people just make us laugh more than others. When you find the person who really makes you laugh more than anyone else, marry them. That's my advice. Assuming they are the right sex, You're almost guaranteed to fancy them, because anyone who makes you laugh will be hugely attractive, even if they're not physically what you'd seen anticipating.

Ok, I'm being a little extreme here, but only slightly. Personally I married the person who made me laugh more than enyone else, and it was absolutely the right thing to do. But maybe you'll prefer to go for the second or third funniest person you meet. Just don't compromise on the sense of humour, because it really is the top priority.

I'll tell you another thing to look for. You don't just want someone who makes you laugh generally, although that's essential. The best thing of all is to find someone who can make you laugh at yourself. That will get you through life more smoothly than anything else.

I have a friend whose wife died a few years ago, and he says that one of the things he misses most is being able to laugh at himself. He hadn't realised how much she helped him to do that, or how essential it was to his happiness. He says he takes himself far too seriously these days, and gets stressed about things that she would have got him chuckling about.

So next time you meet someone with gorgeous legs, or secy eyes, or a cute smile, don't be seduced straight away. See if they can tickle you without touching first.

== A sense of humour will last you long after everything else has gone.

Ok... Aku add something dari last bold section kat atas. So next time you meet someone with Sweet talking... or good looking, it doesn't meant you'll be safe and sound for the rest of your life.

Aku tak tahu setakat mana aku boleh buat org gelak. But I know, I'm capable of something utk buat org tersenyum. Sometimes, dlm cara yg baik, sometimes dlm cara yg keji. Sacarstic and etc... I know I can do it. But, important info here, aku buat camtu it's not becoz aku nak tekel org. Bcoz It's me! Naturally

Sometimes, aku baik ngan org. Baik ngan budak perempuan. Bukan niat aku nak tekel dia org. Bukan sebab nak ajak date. Nak couple. Geli2 or etc. No... Niat aku sebab aku nak ada kawan yg aku boleh to be fun with. Ketawa, gelak, kutuk dan dikutuk and etc.

Im easily fall (not in love) kat org yg boleh wat aku gelak. Serius! Aku tak perlukan dia buat lawak or perlu jadi badut. Just personaliti dia org yg buat aku gelak. Sometimes, kesilapan aku, yg kemudiannya di kutuk mereka yg boleh buat aku gelak. That person aku senang utk aku rapat. As a friend.

Someone said (actually not someone, tapi many), aku ni a kind person (masuk bakul angkat sendiri). But aku tak percaya aku baik ke, kind ke, good heart ke ape kejadah ke. TAk pernah percaya dan aku tak accept. Aku buat apa yg aku buat. Bila aku baik ngan org, aku boleh wat org tu gelak, marah, tersenyum. Then aku akan baik ngan dia org. Aku tak pilih org sgt. Dont care kalau they're not my taste. And sometimes, kalau dia org boleh 'reply' balik my kindness tadi dengan buat aku happy... the more i will do for them. Sometimes, something that you can't imagine yg aku akan buat.

Bukan susah... Bukan susah nak buat aku gelak.

You know... bila aku ketawa, aku gembira. Aku dapat lupakan masalah aku? Aku geram, org buat aku ketawa (yg aku tak buat2 ketawa), aku akan lupa kegeraman tadi. Kalau aku berdendam, org minta maaf dan buat aku tersenyum, aku boleh lupe dendam tadi. Kalau org buat aku marah, try buat aku happy. But buatlah selepas aku dah senyap. Kalau time aku marah2 tu nak di buat lawak... Alamat lagi teruk. That's lelaki (baca Mens are from mars, women are from venus). Aku tak tahulah kalau semuanya sama, but bagi aku... iya...

Aku pernah teringat... one situation. Aku sangat-sangat marah. Geram ni. Baling kang, baling kang... Ketuk karang... And the reason aku marah pun... actually... certain org... reason tu bukan setakat marah. Malah lebih dari itu, mungkin dah tahap.... you know it. But after aku cool down. Aku try utk senyum. Walaupun aku tahu, aku senyum tak ikhlas. Then aku try buat something yg aku boleh tergelak. Then the other part sambung. And aku gelak. Sama gak sana. Gelak... And out of nothing, problems semua macam senang utk aku setelkan... Serius. Marah, dendam, geram, sakit hati, sedih semua jadi mudah... The power of laughing...

But, certain situation, aku tahu, ianya takkan berkesan pada perempuan. Especially, certain perempuan yg emo. Walaupun tujuannya nak menceriakan keadaan. Tapi dikatanya... "You ni tak seriuslah... I hate you... Hantar I gi rumah mak bapak I!" I know... So pepandai la korang telek pasangan korang.


Aku ada ramai kawan. Bukan maybankers. Ramai yg dah kahwin. Most of them... yg lelaki... Ada kelebihan dier org sendiri. Maksud aku... Most of them pandai buat bii dia org gelak. Ada je idea utk buat org lain gelak. Ada yg pandai menulis utk wat org lain gelak. Ada yg pandai buat org lain gelak ngan perli. Ada yg pandai wat lain. Dan macam2 lagi. Walaupun ramai yg tak hensem. TAk kaya... But, bini dia org happy... Why? Sebabnya dah ada di atas...

Bila kita sedih. Tak boleh la serius sgt. Ada yg buat org yg sedih tu gelak. Ada yg boleh wat ketawa. And ada gak yg over gelak. Well, macam aku... Sometimes aku berjaya buat org yg sedih or ada masalah ni utk tersenyum. But aku jugak manusia. Kengkadang buat silap. Aku gagal untuk menilai. Yg masalah tadi tak boleh disetelkan dengan buat keadaan menjadi ceria.


Well... Aku fikir. Apa yg aku boleh kasik kat family aku? Kat bakal bini aku? Aku tak kaya. Aku tak manis mulut. Aku tak romantik. Aku tak baik. Aku tak ada rumah besar. Aku tak hensem... Apa lagi yg aku boleh bagi... Then aku fikir. Aku boleh buat dia org ketawa n happy... Yupp... something yg certain org missing. And im proud of it...


Tak ada kesimpulan. Sebab semua org tahu. Being mandon, psiko atau terlalu serius menyebabkan keadaan menjadi tegang. Bila tegang, keadaan tak jadi ceria. Bila itu semua berlaku, hidup rasa tak selesa.

And... org yg terlalu serius jugak susah utk membuat org tertarik padanya. Kalau ada pun, mestinya org yg sama serius...

Kalau rasa diri tu tak pandai utk buat org ketawa. Carilah org lain yg boleh buat kita ketawa. Cari yg boleh buat kita gembira tanpa dipaksa. Walaupun kengkadang kita sakit hati, deep down inside, you know... He's/She's the one yg boleh buat kita rasa diri kita sendiri. Tak kiralah semasa kita gembira, sedih, susah atau nak mati...

Off all the problems kat atas muka bumi nih... Kalau kita mampu ketawa... Kita boleh selesaikan masalah tadi... Sedikit demi sedikit.

Ok ok... dah nak balik... Penat aku taip malam tadi... Ni dah abis cekking... Taking care... bye...


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