Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baling Kasut

Link - Baling kasut : Tindakan Al-Zeidi 'transformasi' kebencian rakyat Iraq

Bush di baling dengan kasut di Iraq. Jelas menunjukkan rakyat Iraq benci kepada Bush. Walaupun yg melakukannya seorang. Aku kira, kalau bush berjalan di Bahgdad, mesti dia dihujani kasut.

So... Persoalan aku.

Mungkinkah transformasi kuasa di sini akan dihujani dengan balingan kasut? Siapa yang kena? Jangan ingat kita nak mengasutkan org lain, kita tak dikasutkan satu masa nanti. Hambik kau...

Ingat, jgn ingat sekarnag kita disukai (dulu rakyat iraq berpesta sebab Bush serang), selamanya kita akan disukai. Kalau tak.... Makan kasut saiz sepuluh nanti!

Shoe-thrower's brother: He wanted to humiliate 'tyrant'

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- The brother of the journalist now famous for hurling his shoes at President Bush said his sibling's actions were "spontaneous" and represented millions of Iraqis who want to "humiliate the tyrant."

Dhirgham al-Zaidi, who sometimes worked as his brother's cameraman, described the reporter's hatred for the "material American occupation" and the "moral Iranian occupation."

Muntadhar al-Zaidi's feelings were influenced by watching the agony suffered by everyday Iraqis. Most of the reporter's stories focused on Iraqi widows, orphans, and children, said the brother.

Sometimes the 29-year-old journalist would cry. Moved by the tales he reported of poor families, he sometimes asked his colleagues to give money to them. On most nights, he returned to his home in central Baghdad -- one of the country's most violent slums and the epicenter of several of the war's pitched battles.


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