Thursday, July 17, 2008

Debate No 2??

Shabery: RTM ready to air debates between politicians

my suggestion

Name vs Name
Bookie prediction = Out of 10

Dollah vs Chedet
- Where to Malaysia?
bookie prediction = 2-10 (Dollah get that 2 point before the debate start)

Anwar vs Saiful
- You Spanked My Ass!
bookie prediction = 0-0 (Debate cancel becoz Saiful ask Anwar to Mubahalah in front of Ulamaks and Anwar dont want to to that. Instead he will call Syariah Court judge)

Dollah vs Lee Kwan Yu
- My Land is your land. Your land is your land
Bookie prediction = 0-0 (Debate cancel becoz Dollah ask Kwan Yu if he want to eat durian with him or not? Kwan Yu agree. So change plan)

Mukhriz vs Khairy J.
- A good son please stand up
Bookie prediction = 8-10 (No mercy match. Kj will bring his full team from 4th floor)

Najib vs Muhyiddin
- Whose Balls for Malaysia?
Bookie prediction = 8-10 (Becoz wakdin have bigger balls)

Tengku Razaleigh vs Dollah
- Mu nihhh... Aku katoq demo
Bookie prediction = 10-6 (Dollah fall asleep becoz he can't understand what the heck Ku Li said in Bahasa Kelantan)

RPK vs Najib
- Sesumpah & Bersumpah
Bookie Prediction = 9-10 (Crowd went berserk when one of them open a box full of firecraker. Najib will be declare as a winner)

Ezam vs Anwar
- What box? Heart shape box?
Bookie prediction = 10-10 (Becoz they bring the same 6 boxes)

Hadi Awang vs Lim Kit Siang
- Islam or No Islam state?
Bookie prediction = 5-5 (Not finish becoz Hadi curse Lim in Arab and Lim curse Hadi in Mandarin. Both disqualified)

Lingam vs The Judges
- Look like me, sound like me? What say you?
Bookie Prediction - 1-10 (Horatio from CSI will help judges to improve the video quality)

Last One

Rakyat vs Dollah
- Where's my money dude?
Bookie prediction = 10-0 (Dollah always said, "I don't know I'm not involved")


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