Monday, July 21, 2008

Anti America Vs Pro-Amerika

Click the link for more info... Bacalah sampai habis apa yg mereka katakan. Tidak memaksa pembaca utk bersetuju dan percaya dengan kandungan link-link tersebut. Tapi fikirkan. Link dan cerita di link-link di bawah sebahagiannya disediakan oleh orang yg tiada kene mengena dengan blog-blog di Malaysia, Mahathir mahupun Paklah. Kenapa ceritanya ada kaitan dengan Anwar???

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JULY 21, 2008

The Mockery of U.S Interference

The UMNO Youth International and NGO Relations Bureau strongly condemns the constant interference by the United States into the internal affairs of Malaysia, especially with regards to the detention of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over sodomy allegations by his former aide.

Sean McCormack, spokesman for the U.S State Department who noted that the arrest of Anwar raised serious concerns about our rule of law should be reminded that his country paid absolutely no respect to this doctrine when invading Iraq, a sovereign nation of 28 million people.

Iraq is now a failed state, where the rule of law has ceased to exist. Conservative estimates indicate more than a million innocent Iraqi lives have been lost due to this illegal invasion, which was carried out on false pretexts and deceit.

Perhaps, he should also explain the atrocities at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, a detention centre where prisoners are arrested with no charge yet are tortured inhumanely for as long as the U.S administration sees fit.

Anwar was arrested according to the provision of Malaysian laws, interrogated in accordance to proper rules and regulations and was released as soon as the police completed their questioning. He was treated just as any criminal suspect would have been, and none of his rights as a detainee were violated.

The same cannot be said for the approximately 270 detainees who remain incarcerated in GuantanamoBay. Perhaps, it is time this detention centre is closed down in a manner that builds confidence in the impartial rule of law in the United States, for it is surely a wound that continues to scar the face of the American judiciary.

It is best that those like McCormack and Senator Joseph Biden, who claimed that Anwar’s arrest was politically motivated, attempt to first fix the gaping holes in the American judicial system before instructing Malaysia on the rule of law. The United States has neither the moral high ground nor the expertise to lecture us on how we conduct our internal matters.

The UMNO Youth International and NGO Relations Bureau considers the statement made by the State Department, or similar statements by any foreign party, as undermining the sovereignty of Malaysia and the integrity of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir


UMNO Youth International and NGO Relations Bureau


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