Monday, December 18, 2006

Edisi malas...

Untuk berjaya, kita

Berdoa, tapi tanpa usaha - itu sia-sia
Berusaha tanpa doa - itu... (fill in the blank)

Mahukan kejayaan TAPI tanpa doa, tanpa usaha, tanpa apa saja... itu GILA

... oh ya... 4u... tak kenal maka tak cinta...

What's your element?

Your Element Is Water

A bit of a contradiction, you can seem both lighthearted and serious.
That's because you're good at going with the flow - but you also are deep.

Highly intuitive, you tune in to people's emotions and moods easily.
You are able to tap into deep emotional connections and connect with others.

You prefer a smooth, harmonious life - but you can navigate your way around waves.
You have a knack for getting people to get along and making life a little more peaceful.


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