Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blackout! Outrage!

Yesterday, the day that internet was blackout! (Applicable to Asia region only. Terms and condition applied)

So damn slow! Demmit. It could take ages to open And, Gmail? Last checked on monday....

And, bcoz of that blackout, I can't update this blog. Demmit... Short 1 entry. Huummm... From the 2nd entry, till today, I've posted 250++ entry. All of that in less than 1 year (minus weekend since i don't have BB at my house!). Next year, my target to get 365 post! Damn yeah... Hahahahaha... Wish i could put hundreds of baby's photos in my blog next year. (Aishah, pinjam anak!)

So... Until tomorrow, (wish you 1st incase another blackout happen) Happy New Year Everibady... And Happy AidilAdha.. Oooopsss... Happy becoming 3rd Bday to Idris too!!!

(Actually, yesterday's evening i went out to Cheras. nyeh nyeh nyeh!) Oitoit, sesaper yg buat redirect internet connection ke Uk ke denmark ke ape ke tuh, wat la cepat skek... Kita org nak cek gmail nih... Nanti belanja teh tarik, ok?


Anonymous said...

Link gi amsterdam dah up laa weih.

Silalah blanjer saya teh tarik. Sekian.

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