Thursday, November 16, 2006

HR Business & Informations Analysis?

Dear bZz...

We wish to inform you that you will be assigned to HR Business & Information Analysis, Applications Development & Configuration, HRIS Management, Governance & Systems, Corporate Human Resource effective 1 December 2006.


Ouhh yeaahhh... I'm the only person that they put under HR Business & Information Analysis... Demmit... No Head, no Boss n no other persons. Likely, i'm the one who will do all those yadayada thingy. Actually, i'm not sure what the heck is Hr business n informations analysis can do with me. What business n what analysis i can do for them. Yeah, a bit of any/analysis maybe related to me, but full scale staff analysis is out of my reach. But don't worry, as long as i can surf internet from my pc, then, im sure all those information already in my hand in a matter of minutes. (Yeahhh right!)

Ouhh, you can teach me? Then it's ok lah... As long you want to teach me, then im sure i can do... Just give me enough time, kay? Ouhh ya, after one full year, if there's no one want that position ( i meant Head of Hr business & Information Analysis), can i apply for that position? Don't worry, i can do all those things by myself... You know la YY... Sure can one...

Wish me luck from 1st Dec... Cheers!


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