Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cerita Dulu-Dulu tu...

Ingat tak yg dulu aku pernah buat entry cerita dulu-dulu. Remember? Ermm la ni aku nak masuk gambar. Alah, yg dulu2 tuh. Ermm... aku pun tak tahu le aku pernah tunjuk ke tak... Tak kot? Alah... cerita dulu-dulu...

Aku kata... Apsal tgk gambar ni balik, lain macam je minah ni? Cam ala-ala opera cina ada gak. Effect gambo kot... Slalu ok je. Hahahaha... Yg mana? She's a very nice girlfriend. Tq

What color is your passion?

Your Passion is Pink

Innocent and naive, you approach sex with a virginal mindset.
You tend to enjoy teasing and flaunting much more than actual sex.
You're a notorious flirt, and you can pick up anyone you desire. (wwooo.. gile ape?)
As a result, your reputation is a lot steamier than your real sex life. (Uhh??)


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