Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm back! (updated)

It's 27 Oct... and Im back from my hometown... But not yet go back to my house... Still at senawang... Checkin tis n tat... Will update late... cya

Ermm everything's ok. Just a few minor things need to be done after this long hari raya break. My grandpa still not ok. Still cant eat properly. So skinny. Skinnier than me. I hope he'll recover soon. Afterall i manage to gave him and atok molek duit raya thoough it was not so big. At least something from me la...

Still cant forget everything that i think before hari raya. Ermm wonder how long this could be. I hope not for a long time. I really hope that i can forget everything in my mind about it. Demmit! Oh ya, nan said, ermmm betul la macam....

Oh ya, nearly finish update reading my politics stories. Still support TDM. About what Sultan Johor said. Actually, reporters asked sultan about other topics 1st b4 they spin around about tdm... Well said... Paklah... U'r stupid shit head!


A Voice said...

Tun Dr Mahathir is currently being criticised, disgrace, and discredited for voicing the people’s unhappiness and the country’s sovereignty. Yet, the issue raised has not been answered satisfactorily by the Prime Minister.

In facing this “onslaught”, Tun has written an open letter to all Malaysians dated 27th October, 2006 to explain why he is questioning the Government. Those wishing to read the letter and other open letters from Tun and his office can download from the following address:

Since the mainstream media have stopped giving Tun opportunity to response, we hope you could help spread this letter to the people. The least would be to spread the web address to enable the people to download and read it.

Thank you.

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