Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Letter

This is the letter that Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad distributed on last week. This also the letter that had make Mr Tukang Pukul went out like crazy and believe that he's Pendekar. This is the letter that makes all those Ministers and Kitchen Cabinet members sing the same song. Well what to say, “Saya Sokong”.

So to all those who believe they're in the throne of power, this is what I’m gonna say. Why not you just prove that you're right. Show that damn letter. Show the letter that shows Singapore want airspace and sand from Malaysia. Show that who’s the people that get so many AP and why they get the AP although they don’t have any facilities. Please show us why Proton sells MV Agusta for RM5. Who’s the buyer, who’s the banker and is there any higher bidder?

Prove that Tun is wrong. Prove that all those liars is bullshit and nonsense. All we want is a concrete prove and evident. Not all those nonsense talking without fact. Don’t hide behind OSA. Infact the more all of you talk, the more we don’t understand what the hell is government want to show us. Please don’t ever say “yada-yada and blabla” again. Oh, before I forget, don't ever say that you've answered the questions. You aren't answered anything. And now, more and more people will questions you...

So please... Do the necessary ASAP... 1st, People need sugar so much, can you give that first, Sir? My friend want to get married this November... Kesian dia. Beli gula sekilo-sekilo...

"Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah..."

Letter 1 . (Click here if you wish for better size)

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Copy and pass it to your friends. Tq


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