Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Reader - Do you have one?

Dedicated to anyone who still dont have any google reader account to read blogS

Follow this step by step to make your life easier.

Register you Google Account at

Register as usual

Click Reader. Or straight to

Now, you are at Reader main page.

To add new subscription/blogs/etc. Click Add a subscription.
For example... This blog.

Search bzz.blogspot

The result will come out
(tak sangka ada 12 org subscribe aku!)

Click subscribe. Then you can customize it.
Add to folder or create a new folder.
Like this... my blog under IDOL

Now... you can add more. More and more.
So you can monitor hundreds of blogs under 1 roof. No need to check one by one

Here. You can view my entries by list or by full view (expanded). Certain blog will allow you to read the whole story using your reader. But for my blog, you need to click on the link to read the whole story.

View by list

Click this link to read the whole story.

That's all.

Now... No sweat. Put in your idols (like me) under one roof. No need to search all around.

One more thing... You can add me in your Gtalk (inside gmail) and contact me 18 hours a day. Without a hitch. Without cost you anything.



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