Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lack of sleep for nearly 3 weeks. A tired brain
Lack of sweet dream for nearly 3 weeks. A tired mind

Wake up, wake up bZz!!!


You can't control yourself.
Flying. High. Cold and blue. The rest unclear.
You can't blow your brain. You can't empty your imagination.
The bread crumb keep sitting there. Scattered

Fill your black hole with black coke of death
Choke your throat with bronze sword from the middle earth
To Hell, I'm freezing right now
Numb, I'm and back with the brick of salt

One from the left. Organize
One from the right. You can't find
One from the top. Politically incorrect
One from the below. Lost

Hey, payday is not coming your way
Hey, good day not is not a highway
Hey, doomsday... Mayday?

Blow job, you blow your job
Hate, you hate your hatred
Contraction to the end
And orgasm not reaching the peak
Oh god, I'm not cumming

Stand aside, i'm moving
Stand aside, don't block my way
Stand aside, hey! there's a taxi
"Pakcik, were are we going?"
"Shout your mouth, pay my rocket meter"
"Thank you pakcik for the ticket"
"Ya boy, get lost, get a life"

Cloud was black. Blood pouring the street
An Umbrella, you carried in your bag
Is not the same the raincoat I have
CSI, clean the stain! Were moving in
Hi, I'm Horatio, you'll die, bye-bye

Shoot, shoot away
Jump with a parachute my way
Disagree. Suicide note on the floor
Korny, helll yeahhhh!

I'm 25, she said
Baby face I heard she said
That's okay, my mirror was broken
That's okay. I can't mend it back again

Wakey-wakey my mind
Not loosing to the curious mind

Uhhh.... Lega... otak aku dah bangun balik... So ekskus me lah karya ntah ape kejadah kat atas tu kan... :p Hahahaha...


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