Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gigolo naked

Humm.... Aku ingat.... perempuan je yg selalu jadi macam ni. Rupanya utk lelaki pun ada? That's why, jgn bagi org yg kita tak kenal 'ambik gambar kita' ikut sesukahati. Nanti kita susah. Tak kisah la kita kenal kejap or tak pernah kenal langsung.

Unless you can trust them... Then jgn bagi... Jawatan gigolo ntah kemana... Duit tak masyuk... Tertekan adalah...

Naked photos taken during job interview

KUALA LUMPUR: He answered an advertisement to be a guest relation officer. Instead, David (not his real name) was photographed naked as part of an interview to be a gigolo.

The 28-year-old salesman from here said he had telephoned a man called “Uncle Simon” because he needed a better paying job as he wanted to plan for his future.

Bare truth: David explaining his situation to Chong at Wisma MCA Wednesday.

After “Uncle Simon” met him for the first time, he asked David to be a gigolo as he was good-looking.

“I accepted the offer because there was an interview, and I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with it,” David said at a press conference yesterday at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department,

During the interview, he was required to be photographed naked.

He agreed to do so but covered his private parts during the photo shoot.

“I was afraid to reject Uncle Simon because he had my personal details as well as the pictures,” he said.

“They asked me to wait for a telephone call but it never came.”

He added he wanted to forget the whole issue because it was a stupid decision.

David sought help from the department yesterday because he was afraid that “Uncle Simon” would expose the photographs of him.

David also said there were other gigolos as well and their naked pictures were compiled into an album for women customers to choose from.

Department head Datuk Michael Chong said there were many such advertisements that offered lucrative pay to attract naive young men and women.

Ada tak interview gigolo yg tak perlu ambik gambar naked n dapat customer yg baeekkk? Kalau ada, put me in!

Aku kan superhero... man. Sekali dapat, nak lagi!


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