Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Voices Recognition

Have you watched some of the latest high tech movie? Using voice recognition to protect themselves from unwanted entrance?

Some people might think that features are only for the movie. Well, you're wrong dude... They're real. Speech recognition are real! Brought to you by Vecommerce. Just for you! For your peace of mind.

Vecommerce has patterned their technology to recognize your voice using their IVR software. A special software to use your speech as a voice biometric and allow user to enter or use your services.

This software can also be used in many type of application. IVR software has the ability to differentiate between peoples. And they are able to track natural speech from thousand of people who register under their database.

You don't need to be worry cause each and everyone in this world has a different tone and different kind of way of speaking. So, if you think your company need a world class technology that cost you a dime. Why not try Vecommerce IVR Software.

It's real dude!


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