Saturday, August 09, 2008

PS3 at Wiki

The next generation game console is here. Ready to rumble your house with thundering sound and crystal clear pictures. And it support Bluray movie too!

PS3 is all in one game console. Not only PS3 able to play games but it can also able to be use as all in one media entertainment. From photo to movies and online. More update to come for future use.

In some place, it's hard to get PS3 and its game. So why not you try to get it online? You can cut the cost. And you don't have to pay for you gas too! Click, order and wait. Shopwiki can help you on that. As easy as 1-2-3!


What to look on PS3? Well... If not thousand, maybe hundreds of website will show you on how good it is. Thousand of fanboy invade the shop and book online just to get their hand on PS3 on first day.

And now, Ps3 already have hundreds of game title on the shelve. Some of the version can even play the old PS2 games. Hundreds games will come to the market in near time. And Sony already promised that your system will last years to play your favorite games.

I have PS3. So what are waiting for? Go online. And book now. Then we can fight online. Msg me then...


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