Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lookup for someone?

Ok ok... This time i want to teach one of the way to find another poeple. Or maybe, the best thing is to let another people find you. No sweat. Really. It's easy!

Use Lookuppage people search.

Okay, how about I tell you how other people can find you . Ok... First you need to register your name with lookuppage. After you need to fill up a few easy info. Lookuppage will show you the welcome screen. So here, you can fill up all your personal detail, business detail and etc. See for business man, lookuppage will provide you a professional online profile. Can I say, an electronic business cards? Maybe? It could help your business.

You can also write a few details about yourself and about your business. Write anything related. Your customer might await you somewhere. They will search you, your business. And maybe you can also link your profile page to your company' website.

I think, I don't need to tell you more. Just try it. Maybe it will help you someday...



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