Friday, July 18, 2008

Booo-yahhh... Bro

PKR de facto leader blames Najib for sodomy allegation

Anwar who claimed he would be Prime Minister by Sept 16 by way of a by-election and mass crossovers by Barisan MPs, said it looks like the process had run into a temporary setback.

“Now, I have to wait for a while for it not to be affected by the case. But I remain committed and we will proceed,” he told a press conference yesterday.


Hahahaha... You're so funny la Bro. So damn f**king funny...

Why wait until 16th Sept? Why you should wait until Malaysia Day or Merdeka Day? Why not right now? If you can be my PM next week, i believe you can drop you own case. The next day. Right? No need DNA, no need to Mubahalah or no need to go to syariah law. And US will be happy to bro. Why not now bro...

Ouhh... And don't forget, if you become my PM next week, please make our petrol lower, at the same price as same as before.

Bro... bro... You're so damn f**king funny la bro...


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