Friday, October 05, 2007

You are in trouble... If

You're in trouble if you say or write this to others...

1. I love my girlfriend so much. Especially when she smile and showed her cute nipple on her face! --- Dimple

2. Jimmy : Hey, do you know that Britney want to make a life concert here?
Emmy : Life?
----- Live

3. Get ready, Paklah will make an announcement about his erection in a few minutes time. ---- election

4. Hey, what's wrong with you? Already finish your zinc? ---- zing

5. Amat, can you please help mummy to disturb the tea inside that mug. I want to make teh tarik for our breakfast --- stir (kacau = disturb)

6. You should upgrade your pc lah. So old already. With your work, i think you should use that hardcore cpu... ---- (dualcore or quadcore)

**** Have a nice weeken.... Ok... aku nak balik bye..


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