Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Broadband? Wireless only..

Personal knowledge & view about wireless broadband in Malaysia.


Well use it for 1 year (Nearly la...)... Bayaran Mahal. 1Mb package. Tapi service baik. Customer service pun tak sombong. Kalau advertise 1Mb, still boleh dpt 700kbps average. Tu pun sebab aku dok lebih 5 km dari station. Ok la for wireless. But, time dier menggile, aku boleh capai 2Mb!!!

Torrent? Jgn mimpi... P2P boleh lagi...

Bintang??? --- Aku kasik 3.5 Bintang...

Celcom 3G

Aku teringin nak mencuba. RM68. Kire ok le. DAri review user kat lowyat... compare 3G service provider (read - maxis) dan EDGE Digi. Celcom 3G kire murah. Masalahnya bagi aku, kata kengkawan. Contract 1 year (Rm68*12 bulan) plus.. Beli la modem yg ciput tu pun dah beratus2. Hermmm... Kalau ada bajet, sanggup guna speed dlm average 250-300kbps... Then ambik la celcom. Lagipun, awal2 tu kita boleh try 3G per day guna trial 3G prepaid. Kot kawasan yg kita nak guna tu ok, baru le sign-up yg bebetul..

Bintang? --- Walaupun aku tak cuba, but dari review org dan kengkawan... Still boleh capai 3.5 bintang lagi tuh.


RM68? Service? Customer Service? Baca lowyat punya forum... Aku? Bile baca terms and conditions dier... Tak payah la... Line handphone ok... Broadband?

1.3 If the customer needs a 1:1 service and exclusive access to their bandwidth then the customer will need an internet leased line where there is no contention until the World Wide Web router. -- Cam sombong punya ayat je..
5. Fair Usage
5.1 At Maxis, we want our broadband service to be fast and available for our customers at all times. Is it. Cam tipu je??? Maxis views the vast majority of customers should not suffer from a slower service because of a very small number of high bandwidth users.

5.2 Peer-To-Peer and File Sharing Software
5.2.1 Certain software/applications which is used by a small number of customers to send and receive files containing very large amounts of data (including without limitation traffic from peer-to-peer software/applications (such as Bit Torrent, eDonkey, Gnutella) or file sharing software (such as Limewire)). These activities may cause network congestion and can negatively impact the speed at which other customers can access the internet.
5.2.2 Maxis does not guarantee a service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer or file sharing software/applications.
5.2.3 The system that is used to provide the Maxis Broadband service can identify very high bandwidth users and Maxis seeks to manage the customer’s usage by throttling their bandwidth to a much lower broadband speed to ensure fairness to all customers. - Nak download torrent? P2P?... Jgn mimpi!
5.2.4 The customers are reminded that the software (as mentioned in section 5.2.1 above) allows the download of illegal content which Maxis prohibits, which is an infringement of copyright and/or intellectual property rights and rightful owners of such copyright and/or intellectual property rights may take measures to prosecute. Each individual download can be traced by the customer’s IP address back to the customer’s account with Maxis.
5.2.5 Maxis reserves the right to release customer information pursuant to any copyright (and/or intellectual property right) infringement if it is required to do so by any law, regulatory body or court of law.

5.3 Excessive Usage
5.3.1 Each customer’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed 3GB of data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no individual hogs the bandwidth at all times. --- Lawak zaman baru... 3GB per month? Org maxis tak buat kerje, kedekut or lansung tak tahu ape pasal broadband ke? Try this... My google reader consumed about 30-50MB each day utk baca. Tu tak termasuk review, forum and update antivirus. 3GB/30 hari. About 100MB per day... Maxis masih ingat pengguna internet di Malaysia ni hidup di zaman kolonial lagi. Dishhh...
5.3.2 If a customer wishes to use more than the volume permitted, a written request should be made to Maxis. -- 1st time aku dengar camnih...
5.3.3 Maxis reserves the right to reject the said application or charge for any additional data volume transmitted from what is already allocated.
Bintang? Dari review, T&C... aku kasik... 2 Bintang kecil


RM99 per month. Unlimited utk 3++kbps line. Aku guna adik aku punya PDA. So far yg aku guna kat pc aku. Ok le. Tak cepat macam Jaring, but still boleh guna. Kalau tmpt tu takde EDGE, still boleh guna GPRS. Tempat yg ada EDGE tu pun byk. Pagoh takde EDGE still boleh cek email guna GPRS. Highway ada EDGE...

Customer service tak pernah guna. Tapi macam ok. Maybe org kuning yg angkat telepon. Others... Tu kena tanya Samurai sebab dier keje Digi.

Bintang? Setakat nih aku kasik --- 3.5 Bintang gak!

Gunakan je streamyx. Memang kengkadang menyakitkan hati... Tapi... Setakat ni, itu le yg terbaik di Malaysia... Realiti nih... Or else... Gunakan internet di rumah kawan anda... Bayo la teh tarik ke roti canai ke... Kan? >:)


Anonymous said...

cehh.. ayat nih yg tak tahan nih...

"Gunakan internet di rumah kawan anda... Bayo la teh tarik ke roti canai ke... Kan? >:)"

bzz said...

tu namanya, "fully utilise all the free resources".

Lagipun, "Inna membazirin syaitan friend!" - Membazir itu kawan setan.

Anonymous said...

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