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Itu hanya panduan

It's only a guide. Maybe it can help you. But only you who decide for yourself. Tu kata-kata akak aku mlm tadi bila kita org duduk-duduk before balik. Dia cerita pasal itu ini. Bandingkan aku dengan Kak Lina. Aku dan kak lina cuma berbeza 5 hari. Dia 5hb, aku 10hb. So, bila kak enie perhatikan kita org berdua, dengan adiknya yg lebih kurang sama. We tend to be nearly the same. Perangai yg cepat baran. Nak cepat. Nak sharp on time. Tapi senang dipujuk, senang maafkan. Then ada la beberapa perkara lagi yg kita org bincang. Seronok bila dpt duduk borak-borak. Lelagi dengan akak-akak. Aku tak ada akak n tak ada abg. So, berbeza. Aku prefer to share some story dengan dia org yg aku tak boleh share dengan org lain. So I'm glad yg dia org ada.

Walaupun aku yg banyak kena malam tadi. At least aku cerita, org cerita. Dia org kutuk aku, aku kenakan balik. A discussion yg menjadi. Everybody share our experiences, feeling and etc. Untung kan kalau ada abg, ada akak yg kita boleh share story. But not like me, ada adik, lain ceritanya. Abg n akak, memang tak ada. Mak? Ayah? Ada ke org nak share cerita gila-gila dengan mak ayah? Boleh bergurau-gurau? Tak ramai kan?

So... For somebody, predictions, macam astrology, bulan kelahiran, tahun kelahiran dan lain-lain tu adalah mengarut. Aku tahu, itu pun mengarut. Cuma ramalan. Aku tak percaya la, yg cakap, bulan depan kamu akan kena no loteri. Bulan depan cinta kamu akan hilang. Bulan depan, bini kamu akan mengandung anak 4. Tu aku tak percaya. But certain things, memende ni ada yg kita boleh terima. Sebab dalam Islam pun ada. Melayu pun ada. Kalau tak, takkan Dr Fadzillah Kamsah ada buat list untuk apa kelebihan dan kekurangan mengikut bulan kelahiran.

Itu kan cuma panduan. Kita yang tentukan. Well, kalau kita tengok, panduan kata, kita tak bagus. Then, tengok diri sendiri. Humm... memang tak bagus. Then cuba untuk perbaiki. Tak kira la tahun kuda ke, aries ke, april ke, jumaat keliwon ke. Tak kisah. Ada something yang boleh kita baca dan perhatikan pada diri sendiri. Yang baik, ok ke? Kalau terlalu baik, tak ke nanti jadi poyo? Yang buruk, buruk sangat ke? Kalau makin buruk kan nanti org sakit hati.

Nak cerita. Arian adalah org yg cepat marah. Baran. Gila punya baran. Cepat marah. Tapi cepat cooldown. Aku boleh marah tak ingat dunia. Lupa! Then boleh hilang marah dlm masa 10 minit lepas tu. Lepas tu, aku tak ingat apa sebab yang aku marah. Tak ada dendam. Dulu, aku sangat pemarah. But then, dengan nasihat kawan aku. Aku berjaya berubah. Certain things, still diri aku yg dulu. Tapi banyak yg berubah. Terima kasih. Dengan memende merepek ni aku check and balance. Ada masa, aku nak mengubah dari buruk ke baik. But, kalau aku ubah lebih-lebih, nanti itu bukan aku. Right? So, berubah mana yg sesuai.

Maybe, harinih aku nak letak yg kononnya diri aku. It's just a prediction je kan? We, who decided which is which.
Ok, tepuk dahi, kata 'adoi laaa....' (Copy dari file yg kawan aku kasik)

--- Kak Enie kata. Akak dengan abg pun sign yg tak baik. But bila sampai masanya nanti, kita akan berubah sendiri. Untuk kebaikkan diri kita jugak. Ok je both of us sekarang ni. Bila sesuatu dah ditakdirkan tak baik. Berubahlah jadi yg lebih baik. Tapi yg baik, awak cuba jadikan lebih baik. -lebih kurang macam ni ayat dia.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Hot and fiery, you always like to be at the head of things

Ruled by Mars
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Fire sign

Polar or Opposite sign: Libra

1.1. Color - Shades of Red

1.2. You as a man:

You are a picture of passionate ardour one minute, and are as icy as a polar bear the next. When it comes to love, your heedless attitude is absolutely amazing. You plunge into an affair, positive that this is the only true love ever known by any two people ever born. When it breaks in half, you will pick up the pieces, and try every angle you can think of to salvage the dead romance.

You are a natural rebel. You demand the same fierce loyalty that you give, in both love and friendship. You want your woman to be completely independent, yet stay a few paces behind.

1.3. You as a woman: (Naahhh... I'm no woman)

You will open your own doors. You are rather a pushover for flattery, if it has an honest base. Your loyalty in love is gigantic, as long as the sentiment remains. You are generous to a fault with your time and sympathy. But when it comes to love, you are downright stingy.

You think love is equal sharing. You admire strength and try to imitate it. You will throw away fame or fortune defiantly in the face of anyone who hurts a friend of yours.

You can be unreasonably temperamental, and create some violent scenes. But you never hold a grudge, seek revenge, and indulge in self-pity or bitterness.

1.4. Your Love Sign

Your love sign is Scorpio

You love the chase and will do whatever it takes to get the prize you desire. But you will wonder if the prize is worth keeping. You will take risks during the chase and would love your beloved to do the same. This give and take adds sparks to your relationship. A mental attraction for you is often the first step and the indicator as to whether things will progress. You love being told you are the best <--- Uhhhh!

1.5. You in Relationships

You are demanding and passionate, and need an equally self-possessed lover to stimulate you. You can be fiercely loyal, yet self-centered at the same time. So your partner needs to exhibit confidence and know when to give you your space. The occasional bouts of temper exhibited by you are best dealt with if they are used as a prelude to a deeper understanding. You will stick with a relationship as long as it's hot, but if things start to cool down, it won't be long before you hit the road. The ideal Aries soul mate may be someone who is never dull.

1.6. One must Know the rules when dealing with Aries

1.6.1. What you should do:

  Meet the Aries eye to eye. The Ram likes to make eye contact, and what do you know, he will notice the new outfit in the process
  Be prepared for anything. Your Aries lover will serenade you in true Romeo fashion, and ask you to bungee jump with him the next day.
  Be bold. No coyness for the Aries lover. Your free, independent spirit will be appreciated, so have fun!
  Expect a lot of fun along the way. Your Aries lover will play a practical joke on you just as you are out of bed, and surprise you with floral bouquets.
  Bask in the glory of your Aries lover's passion.

1.6.2. What you should not do:

  Don't be too possessive. Rest assured, your Aries lover will be faithful, but if you attempt to stifle his freedom, he will slip out of your grasp.
  Don't try to get his attention by flirting with other men. Don't talk about exflames, either. Your Aries man will have a roving eve, but he belongs to you. Stooping down will only send him packing.
  Don't be too critical of his friends. Give him the space he needs.
  Don't dampen your Aries lover's enthusiasm. He is exuberant, and you have to pretend to cruise along, even if you are not interested. What is a little play-acting to make sure that your Aries man stays with you?
  Don't play hard to get. This could prove fatal, as the Aries man will take it for rejection and go away.

1.7. Beautiful You

You are a trendsetter, mind you. Your greatest pleasure lies in people taking note of the clothes you wear. And if they wish their wardrobe could get better than yours, even better. You were probably the first one to try the new-length mini skirt. You like perfumes with florid, heady undertones, and you should call attention to your piercing eyes with bold shadow choices and well-groomed brows.

You are game for anything new, but you have your set choices. Your sexy, red lipstick probably has a place of honour in your purse. And yes, the more vibrant the reds are, the better. No muted shades for you! You are comfortable with starting off things, but never get down to finishing them. (Hahahahaha) You probably bought a new jar of fairness cream, and soon forgot all about it. Last season's discarded colors and halfused lotions pile up beneath your sink and clutter up your vanity.

Although potions you love certainly help you shine, your true beauty comes from your spontaneity and willingness to experiment. You have your best foot forward all the time. This runs color up your cheeks, and is one blush make-up cannot achieve!

1.8. Lucky Gem

This glittering coral is your stone. It will give you all the courage you need! The stone could also make you rich. You can be assured of a comfortable future.

1.9. Lucky Number
See what magic number 14 can bring into your life

1.10. Lucky Color
Revel in the magic of peacock blue!

1.11. Lucky Day
Strike gold on Tuesday!

1.12. Careers and you

You are competitive and love the game, whether it's business or life. You hate to lose, which means you will probably win. You like being the leader - you like to start projects and blaze the trail for colleagues. You are considerate of your colleagues and display enthusiasm and courage in the workplace. One thing you crave is adventure. Preachy staff meetings are a snore, since you would much rather be out in the field closing a key client. New challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace for you.

1.13. Aries Career Guide
  Here are some occupations that an Aries might consider:
  Make-up artist
  Stock broker

1.14. Money and you
You are gutsy and spirited, the go-getter of the zodiac. You like to hog the limelight and win! This quality might get you into a financial tight spot but invariably you manage to wriggle out of it. Very often, money to you is nothing more than the "currency" which will enable you to get what you want. Are you security conscious? You are not keen on the idea of a nest-egg. You live for the moment and do not believe in saving for a rainy day. You are also messy with repaying loans. The flip side of this is that if you have a couple of bucks on hand, you'd be more than happy to lend them.


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